Institut des Récifs Coralliens du Pacifique

Bourses IRCP2018 : les résultats!

Voici les quatre candidats retenus pour les bourses IRCP 2018:

Prénom/Nom Niveau universitaire Université Thématique de recherche
Alba Ardura Gutiérrez Postdoctoral researcher University of Oviedo (Espagne) Disturbing the Paradise: ports as entry gates in Pacific Islands (French Polynesia)
Alice Tagliati PhD Heriot‐Watt University, Edinburgh (UK) Investigating the impact of inorganic sunscreen on early‐life stages of Acropora spp. corals
Zara-Louise Cowan Postdoctoral Researcher University of Delaware (USA) Comparative biology and ecology of Pterois lionfishes in their native (Mo’orea) versus invaded (Western Atlantic) ranges
William E Feeney Postdoctoral Researcher Australian National University Species interactions in a changing world: Investigating the effects of climate change and coral bleaching on key ecological interactions on coral reefs


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