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Formation DEP (Direction of the Primary education in Polynesia).

Formation DEP (Direction of the Primary education in Polynesia). Formation of the primary school teachers of the commission « Sciences on school ».

The formation consisted in a  » internship Sciences  » for primary school teachers within the framework of the  » Sciences at School « . This training concerned about ten teachers, and their educational adviser on Moorea-Maiao, Mr Patrick Albert. This day became integrated within the framework of their training into the sciences, during a more general internship of the Direction of the Primary educations, which lasted 3 weeks. The day of training took place on May 3rd in the CRIOBE. It was organized in the following way: presentations power-point from 8 am till 11 am, then visit of the CRIOBE and the meeting with the researchers of the CRIOBE. Then, after the meal, they had the afternoon to work, with our help, on the presentations which they received in the morning to see how they could generate activities and educational documents to awaken their pupils in the sciences, by taking examples on the coral reefs of the French Polynesia.

The program was :
– 8:00 am: Geomorphology of coral reefs and zonation of the populatings:. Chancerelle ( CRIOBE)
– 8:20 am: Management and preservation: T. Bambridge ( CRIOBE) / C. Monier (Fishing Department)
– 8:40 am: Remote detection and mapping récifale: A. Collin ( CRIOBE)
– 9:00 am: Coral Symbiosis: V. Berteaux-Lecellier ( CRIOBE)
– 9:20 am: break
– 9:40 am: Life cycle of corals: L. Hédouin ( CRIOBE)
– 10:00 am: Reproduction and life cycle of fishes: D. Lecchini ( CRIOBE)
– 10:20 am: Spatiotemporal Variations of the populatings of fishes: T. Lison De Loma ( CRIOBE)
– 10:40 am: Ciguatera: T. Darius (Malardé institute)

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