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Formation « Taxonomy of corals »

Formation  » Taxonomy of corals « 

During monitoring surveys and research organized by CRIOBE we increasingly need to identify corals down to the species. This identification of scleractinian corals requires a lot of practice and sometimes even years of practice to identify some of them. Nearly 180 species of corals are present in French Polynesia. Among them, some are fairly easy to identify (e.g. the genus Pocillopora) and other extremely difficult (e.g. species of the genus Acropora).

To help students, researchers, technicians from CRIOBE and external collaborators in the identification process, Prof. M Pichon (Professor at James Cook University, Honorary Associate Professor, Museum of Tropical Queensland, Australia) , one of the few specialists in the field of coral taxonomy, set up and led a workshop on the identification of scleractinian corals (September 6th to 14th 2012). This training, attended by 18 people, was divided into courses (zoological position of scleractinian, different types of corals, anatomy of the skeleton and the polyps, colonies gross aspect, identification criteria and taxonomy) and practical work sessions (observation of forms, chalices, and identification test).

Identification des coraux

Photographs of the « Taxonomy of coral » training session

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