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Grants IRCP 2012 – Fahoullia Mohamadi (France)

Fahoullia Mohamadi (France) – Grants IRCP 2012

Project title : Caracterisation using metabolomic of environmental stress on Pocillopora damicornis in French Polynesia.

Abstract : A pesticide contamination on Tahiti and Moorea reefs has been proved during a survey in 2011 (as part of a research program funded by IFRECOR). Pesticides are active molecules that can synergistically and cause devastating ecological effects such as coral bleaching. My work in Moorea (May and June 2012) is part of my Ph. D. that aims to study the impact of a chemical stress (the chlordecone or kepone, an organochlorine pesticide) on the transcriptome, the metabome and symbionts of Pocilliopora damicornis.

Main results and perspective : Corals exposed to high and medium concentrations of chlordecone (300 mg / L and 30 mg / L) react similarly to stress. The polyps are retracted after 4 hours of exposure. The coloration of the cuttings get pale after 24 hours of exposure, which is consistent with the effects observed in similar studies. Metabolomic and transcriptomic analyzes and monitoring of zooxanthellae and their possible links with the production of some secondary metabolites should provide some answers about the underlying mechanisms. These analyzes will be done in Perpignan in 2013.

Download Fahoullia Mohamadi Report – IRCP Grants 2012

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