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Local Workshop

THE IRCP dispenses local workshop in French Polynesia:

So various formations can be proposed as well in the Direction of the Secondary education in Polynesia (DES) that in the Direction of the Primary education in Polynesia (DEP), and in the public as privates ector.

These formations can be realized within the structures of the CRIOBE or directly in the concerned establishments. These formations have for objectives to welcome groups of primary school teachers or professors and to dispense « internships » of formations in the sciences of a few days in several weeks. For example, formations on the knowledge of coral reefs with theoretical class, associated to practical class and exits grounds can be organized.


(© Thomas Vignaud / CNRS)

Examples of themes approached during certain formations:

– Geomorphology of coral reefs and zonation of the populatings;
– Management and preservation;
– Remote detection and mapping of reef;
– Coral Symbiosis;
– Life cycle of corals;
– Reproduction and life cycle of fishes;
– Spatiotemporal Variations of the populatings of fishes;
– Ciguatera.

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