Pacific Coral Reef Institute


The Insular Research Center and Environment Observatory CRIOBE  (PSL-EPHE – CNRS – UPVD)

The Insular Research Center and Environment Observatory is a field station for French as well as international researchers.

Located in Moorea, French Polynesia, the CRIOBE is connected with the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (PSL-EPHE) and is part of the CNRS French marine stations national network..

The CRIOBE’s scientific activities are focused on applied and fundamental research, education and training (Thesis and master’s degree student’s internships) and information (press articles, awareness rising, science fair). Research is mostly focused on the Polynesian coralline ecosystem but may also concern ground insular topics related to the previous.

CRIOBE missions are three-fold :
– A mission of observatory of reef ecosystems in South Pacific,
– A mission of facilities supply and promotion of scientific research on terrestrial and marine ecosystems, and on insular societies of South Pacific,
– A mission of communication and popularization of coral reef science, of expertise on environmental issues and of teaching and training.


CRIOBE, Moorea

The CRIOBE website

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