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Robert Wan Group

Robert Wan Group

If Robert Wan headquarters are based in Tahiti French Polynesia, it has managed to grow around the world in all its activities. The group operates in Europe, Hong Kong, China, Japan  and in the Middle East.

French Polynesia is a unit of 118 islands with a population of 260,000 inhabitants; 80% are living on the island of Tahiti. The culture of the Tahitian Pearls employs about 7000 persons and represents the main resource of the Territory with 64% of total exports.

Robert Wan is one of the pioneers in French Polynesia to have thrown himself in the culture of pearls in the early 70s. Starting from nothing yet animated of an incredible perseverance working strength, he became the first Tahitians pearls producer worldwide, hence the origin of his nickname: « The Pearl Emperor ». In 1984, he acquired the atoll of South Marutea, in the Tuamotu Gambier archipelago. Up to this date, Robert Wan pays a keen attention to preserving the biodiversity of the atoll. Currently 200 people live and work on Marutea Island in respect with nature.

For over 40 years, Robert Wan has been producing very high quality of Tahitian Black Pearls lagoons that can counted among the most pure and clean of the world. Today the Robert Wan Group is able to provide two major assets facing the world globalization.

An environmental asset with pure, non-polluted waters. Robert Wan farms are located 5000 km from the first industrial sites and thus show a remarkable protected and preserved biodiversity.

An economical asset with a luxury product characterized by an absolute rarity. The Tahitian pearl is the unique French gem. A gem born from mollusk, living animal, symbol of harmony between human and nature. Undoubtedly a very precious symbol facing the rising of our 21st century.

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