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The Pacific Community – PC

The PC is an international organisation that works in public health, geoscience, agriculture, forestry, water resources, disaster management, fisheries, education (community, TVET, quality and standards for all school levels), statistics, transport, energy, ICT, media, human rights, gender, youth and culture to help Pacific Island people achieve sustainable development.

The PC’s members are the 22 Pacific Island countries and territories that are the beneficiaries of its services, along with four of the original founding countries.

The PC’s work programme is determined by members, and all of its regional initiatives aim to support members’ national policies and plans.

Indeed, the organisation is owned and governed by its members, who come together at the Conference of the Pacific Community and the Committee of Representatives of Governments and Administrations (CRGA) to make decisions in a spirit of Pacific consensus.


Secretariat of the Pacific Community

The Pacific Community – PC Website

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