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Founded in 1987/1999, the University of New Caledonia (UNC) is a French and European public institution, with a scientific, cultural and professional focus under the supervision of the French Ministry for Higher Education and Research.

The UNC is a young university which sees its vocation as the reference point for research in New Caledonia, in accordance with its economic, social and local needs and in partnership with the body of research organisations established in its region (IRD, IFREMER, IAC, Pasteur Institute, CNRS, BRGM).

New Caledonia and its region offer an environment that is quite out of the ordinary because of the plurality of its cultures, its languages, its literary and oral expressions, and its traditional and contemporary social and political organisations. Mankind, oceanic societies, biodiversity, and mineral wealth … these are the subjects chosen for study by a university positioning itself squarely to foster the sustainable development of a region in the midst of rapid social change.

The research policy of the UNC is naturally oriented towards a better understanding of the physical, biological and human environment of New Caledonia, in particular, and more generally, in the South Pacific region.

Situated in the heart of the south-west Pacific region, New Caledonia is rich in terrestrial and marine biodiversity. Its native flora, dating from the time of Gondwanaland, is unique to the region. Its saltwater lagoon (the largest in the world along with the Australian Great Barrier Reef) is surrounded by an amazing coral reef, awarded World Heritage Listing by UNESCO in 2008 and recognised as
“extraordinary, universal and priceless”.

The existence of nickel deposits and the construction of world class metallurgical factories on the traditional lands of oceanic people call for a collective agreement in favour of development that is both sustainable and respectful of the ecosystem and island societies. The UNC brings its scientific know-how to assist in this objective.

The UNC has six objectives:
– initial and continuing training ;
– scientific and technological research;
– students orientation and employability ;
– spreading of cultural, scientific and technological information;
– participation in the development of higher education and research in the south Pacific;
– international co-operation and the promotion of the French language.

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