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The University of Perpignan Via Domitia – UPVD

The title “Via Domitia”- name of the ancient Roman road connecting Spain and Italy – was chosen in order to emphasise the cultural links between the University of Perpignan, the people of the Mediterranean basin, and people all over the world. The University offers a wide range of subjects and welcomes many students from abroad. It also has contacts with many other universities – in Catalonia, obviously – but also from overseas. while not denying its ancient roots, the University remains attached to its organisation on several different sites, convinced that it can avoid uniformity, while maintaining its clear identity and programme by remaining open to the wider world.

The creation in 2005 of a Centre of Excellence for Renewable Energies and their use in the domestic environment has brought together physics, chemistry and electronics laboratories. This project, fostered by the University, is working to develop an international dimension in pure and applied research. The acquisition of this label is based on previous hard work by teams from the University and the CNRS (Centre National pour la Recherche Scientifique) and has resulted in   the creation of a Master’s Degree (P&R) in Solar Energy which replaces an IUP diploma in Materials Science and a Masters 2 in General Physics and Chemistry

An example of Excellence in humanities at the UPVD

In the current difficult context, where the university is trying to answer the demands of students, this programme of excellence in the humanities, proposed by the European Union, and put in place by the UPVD and its partners in St Andrews, Lisbon, Sheffield, Bergamo, Santiago de Compostela, Poznan, Guelph, Mexico City et Entre Rios is a model of partnership, optimisation of competences, and reactivity to international professional environments.

Nowadays having a passion for the humanities (arts, literature, linguistics, history, or even philosophy) and a desire to excel does not lead automatically to one of the prestigious careers which one dreams about. Taking a Master’s Degree which offers a global perspective and an international dimension can only increase one’s chances of success and widen the field of possibilities. Selected, supported, and put in place by the European Union – as a guarantee of University excellence – Crossways in Cultural Narratives is a two year programme offering graduate students the possibility of pursuing their studies in three universities in different countries (United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Canada, Mexico or Argentina) under the direction of professors who are authorities in their respective fields of research.

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Université de Perpignan Via Domitia

The University of Perpignan Via Domitia – UPVD Website

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