Pacific Coral Reef Institute

Sustainable development of federation projects

The Institute of the coral reefs of the Pacific ( IRCP) has finally for mission to work in favour of federative projects aiming at the conservation of coral reefs and so to bring, in a context of sustainable development, a contribution in the future coral ecosystems and peoples who depend on it.


(© Thomas Vignaud / CNRS)

In this contexte, the IRCP participates in the elaboration of the Pole of Innovation / Competitiveness of Tahiti (Tahiti Fa’ahotu Association) which includes several private companies and research center in the domains of the natural substances valuation and eco-innovation. The thematic of these domains are :

In love

(© Thomas Vignaud / CNRS)

– The exploitation of the marine natural resources ;

– The exploitation of the ground natural resources ;

– The biodiversity, the biomolecules of interest and biotechnologies ;

– The renewable energies and the sustainable conservation of the circles.

The Association brings its expertise as well as a technical and logistic help to companies, to research centers and formation presenting innovative projects, in adequacy with the themes of the pole, to propose them in the labelling.

THE IRCP is particularly involved because it is a part of 8 members of the administration council of the association.

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