Pacific Coral Reef Institute

Fundamental research, conservation and formation

Coral closeup

(© Thomas Vignaud / CNRS)

The first mission of IRCP is to promote over time, on a regional scale of the Pacific, the necessary link between fundamental research, politics of conservation and formation of the actors in the field of the management of coral reefs.

In this particular context, IRCP is based on the potential of research and service of the competent section of the Practical School of High Studies (EPHE) so in France as in French Polynesia. As such, IRCP possesses very narrow links with the Center of Biology and tropical ecology and the Mediterranean Sea (EPHE – CNRS – University of Perpignan) and The Insular Research Center and Environment Observatory (CRIOBE-URS 3278 CNRS-EPHE).

IRCP cooperates with the university of French Polynesia as well as with the other institutions of higher education and the Center of research in the Pacific or concerned by themes relative to coral reefs. So, Center such as the IRD, the IFREMER, and the University of New Caledonia are interlocutors favored within the context of this theme.

In 2009, the IRCP co-organized for example the formation « Crime Scene Investigation » with the ICRI (International Coral Reef Initiative), by training 18 participants of the countries of the Pacific (Palau, Fiji, Samoa and New Caledonia) and of the French Polynesia to the techniques of investigation of damage in coral reefs developed recently with the support of the scientific research in this domain. This formation took place to Moorea from 26 till 30 May 2009, in the CRIOBE and on the ground between the bays of Cook and Opunohu.


Formation « Crime Scene Investigation »

In 2010, it is by the provision of four research grants on the coral reefs that the IRCP filled the sector search-formation of its missions. These grants are intended for students in Doctorate, Post-doc or level diplomas amount. At least grant will be aimed at a foreign student being a member of island countries of the South Pacific.

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