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Monitoring Network of coral reefs

One of the essential missions of the Institute of the coral reefs of the Pacific (IRCP) is to set up a network of monitoring of coral reefs.



(© Thomas Vignaud / CNRS)

IRCP leans on The Insular Research Center and Environment Observatory to Moorea (CRIOBE-URS 3278 PSL-EPHE – CNRS – UPVD) for this mission. The CRIOBE developed, since about fifteen years, a network of monitoring on 15 islands of French Polynesia, within the network of Polynesia Mana node in CRIOBE Observatory. On each of these islands, a site is equipped with temperatures sensor and/or multiparameters sensor. This site is also the object of biological monitoring (study of coral and fish stocks) of biennal frequency.

Since 2009, IRCP and CRIOBE set up new sites of monitoring in partnership. So, 9 sites of monitoring of coral reefs in the Pacific and in French Polynesia (Pitcairn, Tonga, Cook) were putting up in 2009. In 2010, new sites of monitoring was put in, in particular in the nearby countries of the South Pacific (Kiribati, Samoa).



Polynesia mana

Map of Polynesia Mana node

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