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Marine and Terrestrial Biodiversity of the Marquisas Islands, French Polynesia. The Book!

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The Marquesas, an archipelago of French Polynesia comprising a dozen oceanic islands, is one of the most isolated in the world. Its terrestrial and marine ecosystems and biodiversity are unique, with spectacular landscapes and many endemic plant and animal species, some of them are highly threatened. These particular ecological features, associated with a strong cultural authenticity, raise crucial management and conservation challenges and fully support inclusion of the archipelago on the mixed (natural and cultural) sites of the Unesco World Heritage List.

This book, comprising 22 chapters written by 74 local, national and international scientists and experts, provides the first comprehensive account of the terrestrial, freshwater and marine flora and fauna of the Marquesas, and their natural habitats. It will be invaluable to all biologists, naturalists, natural resource managers, visitors fond of this archipelago and above all the Marquesans themselves.

Galzin R., Duron S.-D. & Meyer J.-Y. (eds), 2016. Biodiversité terrestre et marine des îles Marquises, Polynésie française. Paris: Société française d’Ichtyologie. 526 pages. (in French)

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