Pacific Coral Reef Institute

Marquesas Islands monitoring for the network of Polynesia Mana

The traditionnal survey of Polynesia Mana network has been done on Nuku Hiva (Marquesas Islands) in September 2014 by Gilles Siu and Vetea Liao, engineers at the CRIOBE station. Ichtyologic and coral monitoring and photographics were on the agenda. General statement in Marquesas Islands: low coral diversity but a significant fish density.

On compte!

Gilles counting fishes in the transect


Quadrat on the subtrat to mesure the coral statement

The two engineers also set up a probe to measure the heights of the swell and record the temperatures.

plongeur + sonde

Criobe engineer setting up the probe

graphe Nuku Hiva

Nuku Hiva temperature curve during few months in 2009/2010 (ranging between 27,4°C et 29,5°C)

Please find the article in La Dépêche here. Next monitoring in Marquesas Island in 2016.

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