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Polynesia Mana Team at Takapoto Island

The survey of Polynesia Mana network has been done on Takapoto (Tuamotu Islands) in December 2014 by Gilles Siu and Vetea Liao, engineers at the CRIOBE station.


Takapoto Island, the red star marks the survey area


Assisted by Ismaël, DRMM officer, they assessed ichtyologic and coral abondance using the Manta Tow method, transects and photographic quadrats. A thermograph has also been set up.


The survey on Takapoto island started in 1994. At the end of this mission, first assessements indicate a stable coral cover since 2000 (30% recovered). At the same time fish abondance is increasing.

Coral landscape on the survey area, Takapoto

Coral landscape on the survey area, Takapoto

Multitude of fish on the upper slope, Takapoto

Clicking on these links take you to the data of the CRIOBE observatory :
*Fish abondance
*Coral Cover

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