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Symposium on the issue of vulnerability of Polynesian low-lying islands face to the Climate Change – Tahiti

From the 30th june to the 2nd july 2015, 45 experts and researchers discussed on the issue of vulnerability of Polynesian low-lying islands face to the Climate Change.

The symposium organised by the French Polynesia, France, the Institut of Pacific Coral Reefs (IRCP), the Pratical School of High Studies (EPHE) and the French Initiative for Coral reefs (IFRECOR), had two main goals :

  • to prepare the meeting of the Polynesian leaders (inter-governmental platform of eight Polynesian communities (Cook Islands, Niue, French Polynesia, Samoa, American Samoa, Tokelau, Tonga and Tuvalu), that will take place the 15th and 16th of july 2015 in French Polynesia;
  • to enrich the Climat Energie Plan of the country.

The symposium was closed by an evaluation of the emergencies, of the new scientific facts and of  recommandations.

For more information, read the article Tahiti Infos (in French)

Photo credit : T. Vignaud

Photo credit : T. Vignaud

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