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Validation of IRCP grants in presence of the Dean of the section of Life and Earth Sciences EPHE

Sylvie Demignot, Dean of the section of Life and Earth Sciences EPHE since 2014, was traveling at CRIOBE in February 2015, at the IRCP board of directors. Among other things, she participated in the validation of IRCP-SNH-SPDD grants 2015:

Whiteside Andra (Fiji – USP), Master :
Short-Long Term Sea Surface Temperature Monitoring Data in the Western and Eastern Pacific and Coral Cover in Relation to Genetic Adaptation to Increased Temperature

Moya Aurélie (Australie – James Cook Univ), Post-Doctorant :
Innovative approach to unravelling the mechanisms of coral calcification

Brooker Rohan (USA – Georgia Institute of Technology), Post-Doctorant :
The chemical ecology of larval and juvenile coral reef fish: Implications of degrading reefs & the role of marine reserves

Doropoulos Christopher (Australie – Univ Queensland), Post-Doctorant :
Life-history strategies and trade-offs of coral recruits influence recovery trajectories of disturbed coral reef habitats

During her stay, Ms. Demignot could also visit the CRIOBE and meet all the staff working there : researchers, engineers, technicians and students were able to talk with her during interviews in groups or individual

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Criobe’s Collections

Experiment on corals

Experiment on corals

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