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When men think about their relationship with sharks…

… this leads to a one week workshop in October 2014 at the Insular reasearch Center and Observatory of the Environment (CRIOBE) in Moorea, French Polynesia.

The workshop was organized by the IPCR and founded by the Fonds Pacifique pour la coopération culturelle et scientifique. More than 30 french and international experts (France, French Polynesia, Australia, Fiji, Samoa, New-Caledonia, Colombia, etc.), equally devided between the scientific world, the private sector and public autorities, gathered to discuss about the sustainable development of shark populations in South Pacific, especially about their vulnerability to ever-increasing human impacts.

logos participants

To the Agenda  (Complet agenda available here) :

  • The importance of sharks in marine ecosystem biodiversity,
  • Their overfishing,
  • The role and efficiency of shark sanctuaries,
  • The ecotourism,
  • Sharks in Polynesian culture,
  • Human-Shark relationship.

The final list of participants and of oral presentations is available here

Requin Pointe Noire - Polynésie française - C.Berthe

Black-tip shark – French Polynesia / C.Berthe

The outcome of this workshop is a document outlining the core priorities to be addressed as soon as possible for ensuring the conservation and sustainable management of shark and ray populations in the Pacific. Some of the conclusions addressed to policy and decision-makers are listed below:

General statements 

  • Many shark and ray populations in the Pacific have been severely depleted by overfishing.
  • Eco-tourism has been demonstrated to be a successful alternative use of sharks and rays in several countries of the Pacific.


  • There is an urgent need for improved and effective management, regulation and enforcement in fisheries affecting shark populations.
  • Guidelines and standards are needed to improve management of shark and ray eco-tourism.
  • The negative image of sharks amongst the general public must be improved in order to influence community behaviour and political decision-making.

colloque participants

For more information, read also the article on october 14th  « L’homme et le requin, des pistes pour vivre ensemble »  and the article on october 20th « Colloque sur le requin » from the Dépêche de Tahiti.

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