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Workshop in the Fiji Islands (September 2014)

Workshop on “Taxonomy, Biology and Ecology of Coral, and Reef Monitoring” Seminars & Field training program (9th to 12th September 2014)

The University of the South Pacific at Fiji (USP), the Secretariat of the Pacific Community in New Caledonia (SPC) and the French Institute for Pacific Coral Reefs at Moorea, French Polynesia (CRIOBE – IPCR) have joined in a partnership to develop and offer the « Taxonomy, Biology and Ecology of Coral, and Reef Monitoring« workshop. The workshop was funded by the French Embassy (Fond Pacifique) and the SPC. A total of 55 persons followed this workshop organized on the USP campus at Fiji from 9th to 12th September 2014. There were two key objectives to the workshop:

1/ to increase capacity at the level of USP, government and NGO staff already involved in coral taxonomy and coral reef monitoring (39 persons involved in this workshop)

2/ to allow USP students to learn the different techniques of coral reef monitoring (16 students involved in this workshop); particularly with regards to recent knowledge on coral taxonomy and recent surveying techniques and data analysis tools.

Overall, since 5 years now, those workshops have brought together representatives of more than 10 countries of the Pacific (Vanuatu, Fiji, Solomon, Cook, Samoa, Tonga, Kiribati, New-Caledonia, but also Australia, Hawaii  or New-Zealand), allowed participants to exchange expeirence and expertise and brought Franch skills to light in the Pacific.

There was an article released in the news :  La Dépêche. Clic on the links to download the reports in English and in French.

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